Handcrafted, screenprinted, one of a kind non conformist accessories and womenswear. All fabrics are created by hand; from the drawing to the makingTraditional old school craft in a digital world. The new collections of leather accessories are all hand-stitched one of a kind pieces that champion a love of colour and a respect of craft.

Physically demanding yet we still heart it.

Process and story joanna vanderpuije

The Studio

Situated in the creative hub of South East London, all is currently screenprinted in the Peckham print studio. Once I have realised my hand-paintings and drawings, I venture to the studio to bring my prints to life upon the print table. It is there I play with techniques, textures and colour. I love the process of transforming the everyday into something that is highly covetable, extraordinary yet beautifully captivating.

screenprint studio process handmade

Screenprinting is an old traditional way of printing onto textiles; especially considering todays digital age. Despite the long arduous process of it all, the final fabrications stand out with life and innovative energy. Elements of the ‘hand’ can often be seen, giving the textiles a ‘human-touch’.


Using eco-friendly pigments I sample ideas, colourways and techniques so that the final textiles can be realised. Afterwards it is time to cut, make and craft the final product. Attention to detail is paramount to ensure long term durability of each piece.

handsewn leather bag craft and process

The latest accessories range is produced using natural vegetable tanned leather from Belgium as well as Italian leather. Production is carried out in London on a small scale due to the longer time frame of handcrafting from start to finish. Each printed creation is unique to each owner as they are one of a kind; a work of functional art to cherish and use.

printed leather envelope clutch Joanna Vanderpuije